About “Flight to Nowhere”

“Flight To Nowhere” is a magical pop tune filled with reggae rhythms and Barry’s trademark catchy hooks. Recorded at Beneath The Sun Recording Studio in Hicksville, NY, the song was produced by studio owner Mick James.

Mick James is best known for his work writing, producing, and playing all the instruments for Chriss Angel, the famous American magician, illusionist and musician. Mick James wrote, produced and played for Criss Angel’s TV shows including the Mindkfreak theme song and Criss Angel’s “Believe Vegas Show with Cirque du Soleil. Mick has worked on over 250 songs and compositions over the last 20 years. Mick plays bass on “Flight to Nowhere” along with Jim Sarles on guitar and Lou Agista on drums, both from the legendary million-selling Brooklyn Bridge.

“My music is for people who like a memororably melody, Retro but new. Pop music you walk away humming…” – Barry Rock